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Louisiana Political Museum & Hall of Fame

Winnfield, Louisiana

birthplace of Louisiana politics

and home of three governors

The Museum

Visitors from all 50 states and 18 foreign countries have visited the Louisiana Political Museum & Hall of Fame in Winnfield, LA, the only one of its kind in the world.

The museum is housed in the historic L & A Railroad Depot (circa 1905), which was donated to the City of Winnfield by the L & A Railroad Company in 1988.  After five years of hard work by many volunteers and others who donated labor, materials and finances to the project, the Louisiana Political Museum was opened on August 30, 1993, the date of Winnfield native and Louisiana political stalwart Huey P. Long's 100th birthday.

Ten years later in 2003, the Museum was adopted into the Louisiana State Museum system, and its mission remains vital - to provide scholarly resources and showcase fascinating memorabilia of Louisiana's legendary political affairs.

Since the opening of the Museum, over 170 individuals have been inducted into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame for their many achievements in and contributions to Louisiana politics.


The Museum, located at 499 East Main Street in Winnfield, Louisiana is open Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday by appointment.

The Artifacts

The Louisiana Political Museum & Hall of Fame is home to thousands of interesting pieces of Louisiana political history from the state's earliest leaders up to present-day elected officials still serving in office.  It also features items from political players who may have worked in less visible positions, but had important roles in shaping Louisiana politics.

In 1998, Albert and Betty Connor of Alexandria, LA, donated a 1951 Chevrolet sedan to the Museum that was originally owned by Louisiana Gov. Earl K. Long and used as his campaign car in the 1950s.  The pale yellow and white sedan was outfitted with a high-powered speaker system for campaign activities, and it also appeared in the movie "Blaze," which was filmed in and around Winn Parish, Long's home area.

Other particularly fascinating items include dining room furniture that once graced the New Orleans home of Mr. and Mrs. Huey P. Long, at which Mr. Long hosted "late night" card games for friends, and a law book collection of Huey's older brother, Julius Long.

Our Future

The future of the Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame rests largely in the hands of its caring benefactors. 


Though technically under the umbrella of the Louisiana State Museum system, any funding from the state has been severely limited for a number of years due to statewide cuts and reduced availability of funds.


The Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame is deeply appreciative of the public's continued support.    

Donations to the Museum may be made to The Friends of the Louisiana Political Museum Foundation, (a 501(c)(3) Corporation).  To donate, click the icon below.

Contact the Louisiana Political Museum & Hall of Fame
Honoring Louisiana's
political legends

Shonna Moss

Museum Director

499 East Main St.

Winnfield, LA  71483

Tel: 318-628-5928

Fax: 318-628-2551

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